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IV. Conclusion

Sunda calendar is truly reliable. The numbers that show up are definitely reasonable. Because of that, we might have another thinking, that Sunda calendar should be long enough to reach its consistency. It should be an old calendar, because as we have already known, it is not easy to make any calendars either precision or practical in use.

Sundanese calendar is only one example. There are others ‘unknown’ Sundanese culture that we try to explore. We never stop to rediscover products of our ancient civilization that might have be a good contribution for both present time and future. I will be very happy to introduce it to you, and everything about it will be very exiciting to discuss.


© Ali Sastramidjaja, 1991


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II. Saka Sunda Calendar (Sunda - solar calendar system)

III. Caka Sunda Calendar (Sunda - lundar calendar system)

IV. Mataram Javanese Calendar


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