Sunda Calendar

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I. Introduction

My Name is Ali Sastramidjaja. I spend almost whole of my life exploring Sunda culture, including this calendar. Thanks to the Internet, so this calendar can be published worldwide easily. I will always open my mind to your critics, study, question or any discussion about these calendar and sunda culture.

You will hardly to find Sunda area in an Indonesianís map. In reality the Sundanese live in the whole area of West Java (Jawa barat).

Sundanese calendar research is not yet published. The rules were unknown until had refound by myself through the long period of research from 1983 until 1991, the year when both calendars patented. As long as I know, Sunda Calendar is the most accurate and finest (It never been corrected, since that calendar instituted) calendar system, especially Saka-sunda calendar (Sunda solar calendar system). I make a comprehensive study with Julian Calendar, Gregorius Calendar, and Islamic Calendar.

There are two calendar systems that used in Sunda calendar, solar calendar system and lunar calendar system. They use both calendars simultaneously. I call them "Kala Sunda" or Sunda calendars.


II. Saka-Sunda Calendar (Sunda - solar calendar system)

2.1 History

2.2 Rules

2.3 Months


III. Caka Sunda Calendar (Sunda - lunar calendar system)

3.1 Description

3.2 Rules

3.3 Day (Poe&Pasar), Week (Wuku)

3.4 Indung poe (=main day) & Naktu

3.5 Example to define poe and pasar in a definite date in Caka Sunda calendar


IV. Mataram Javanese Calendar

4.1 The Background of Mataram Javanese Calendar

4.2 Exploring Mataram Javanese Calendar


V. Conclusion



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